Tucker Hibbert releases Incredible Ride Collection

September 5, 2018

September 5, 2018 – Tucker Hibbert recently announced his retirement from professional snocross, and now he’s releasing a limited edition merchandise collection that’s dedicated to the fans that helped make his racing career so incredible. The new Incredible Ride Collection features clothing and collectable items that commemorate Hibbert’s... [Read More]

Team 68 named top fundraiser at Walk for Wishes

August 7, 2018

August 7, 2018 – For the third year in a row, Tucker Hibbert’s Team 68 was honored for its fundraising efforts at Make-A-Wish®Minnesota’s Walk for Wishes® Twin Cities event. Despite cloudy skies and the threat of thunderstorms, nearly 100 people joined Hibbert Saturday morning at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis to take part in a 5K walk / run... [Read More]


3 weeks ago

Tucker Hibbert
Video image

My dad and I both feel honored to be apart of this video. Watch this to hear about Blair's story and tune-in to #XGames on Saturday to cheer on Superman #7c!

youtu.be/TI01aI1F7PgA seasoned motocross racer, Canadian Blair Morgan made the switch to snocross racing in the offseason and pushed the sport to new levels. Following a severe ...
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You guys were the Golden Age of Sno-X. Glad I got to experience it.

I remember when I raced for couple years I got the chance to bs with both Blair and tucker at rider meeting at west Yellowstone expo and it was really nice neither one of them acted to cool for me or anything they talked to me like I was their friend and ever since that day I've had nothing but respect for either one of em, I really wish we could have the Blair and tucker days again. It was really good for the sport and between TV and riders its lost its flair

We saw him race from the beginning! He is awesome, I could always pick him out of all the racers because of his style. Noone could match him, even today. The way he moved on the running boards in the jumps was awesome! There has never been a racer since!

Tucker and Blair. Damn they were awesome racing against each other.

Thanks for the update on Blair "Air"/"Superman"!!! My husband won his snocross race pullover for me years ago, we loved watching you Tucker & Blair battle at Grand Geneva every year. Definitely be watching

Sweet! I loved watching you and Blair battle it out back in the day up in Gaylord, MI! Have both of your autographs on my old Cat jacket.

Snowmobiling with you and your Dad and Blair and Carl Kuster in West Yellowstone in 2000 was one of the highlights of my life! You guys were and always will be the Best!

We have missed Blair on the track for years!!!! Love his dedication to be at so many National races!!!! What an inspiration for so many!!!!!

Great story still have Air Morgan poster in my garage and I live in Florida now. Lol. Also use to ride the bus with Vince to school.

Tucker you are top class as well... snowmobiling is You and Blair... thanks so much for all the great races

Great tribute, thanks for sharing Tucker,

My hat is off to him. What an inspiration.

#ledgend!!!! Blair was an exciting racer to watch!!!!

I love everyone this is for Blair and the hibbert family for giving everyone the love and respect that you and the world deserve. Tucker you and me in the pits at beausejour I met you and I was like I’m a champ like you

This was great to watch. The friendships made and last.

I grew up watching Blair, Tucker and Kirk. My grandfather Lenny Howe (104) raced semi- pro for Rock Maple Racing when I was a kid and I can say I had the chance to meet all three of these legends.

Love all he has done for the sport and industry

I was at the grand geneva every year when I was young watching you guys all race! When I heard that Blair could no longer race due to his dirt bike crash I was devastated as a kid. Go 7c!

Very cool! Thanks for the share. Here’s hoping things are going well for you and your family. I miss you!

Awesome video! Thank you for sharing!

Love it! Passed it on to several, including my para friends

03-05 were the best years for X & snoX. The 90m jump, the infield.... the level of racing was insane! Good to see Jamie in this too.

Jay and I hate this for Blair, such a standup guy.

Thanks for sharing tucker. You two owned snow cross for a while there until he retired, then it was all tucker. Miss seeing you race on CBS sports. You DEFINITELY left your mark

That was awesome!! So good to see him again at the snocross races last year.

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2 months ago

Tucker Hibbert
Merry Christmas from the Hibberts 🎄Image attachmentImage attachment

Merry Christmas from the Hibberts 🎄 ... See MoreSee Less


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Merry Christmas!!! Are those C&A PRO SKI'S? I'm gonna stop begging you to come back. So when is Tucker Jr coming?

Merry Christmas from the Kodey’s

Great shots you guys!! Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas!!

Merry christmas Tucker and mandy 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🏁

Merry Christmas from the Bill's.

merry x mas to you but wheres the new cat,lol

Snowshoes look good, but hitting Mandi’s face with them.... not so good!

Merry Christmas from the Sayers family!

A very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Merry Christmas to the Hibbert’s from the Hibbert’s

Merry Christmas! What a cute couple!

Still a kid at heart. Don’t ever loose that. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 🎄, you are just missing a pic with a race sled👍🏼

Merry Christmas to you to.

Merry Christmas from the Huggards.

Merry Christmas from the Potter family!!!

Merry Christmas T-Train

Merry Christmas you two🌲🤶🎅

Merry Christmas Hibberts!!

Snow is on the way!

Merry Christmas Hibbert family

MerryChristmas Tucker miss you and that black monster ArticCat go cat go

Merry Christmas & God Bless!!🎅🤶

Merry Christmas! Snow cross racing isnt the same without you kicking there asses

Merry Christmas Hibberts!

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2 months ago

Tucker Hibbert
Last chance to get your #Team68 gear before Christmas!

 — Products shown: Tucker Hibbert Incredible Ride Youth T-Shirt, Tucker Hibbert Incredible Ride Sticker Pack, Tucker Hibbert Team 68 Lanyard and Tucker Hibbert Incredible Ride T-Shirt.Image attachment

Last chance to get your #Team68 gear before Christmas!

— Products shown: Tucker Hibbert Incredible Ride Youth T-Shirt, Tucker Hibbert Incredible Ride Sticker Pack, Tucker Hibbert Team 68 Lanyard and Tucker Hibbert Incredible Ride T-Shirt.
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2 months ago

Tucker Hibbert

Make it a very merry #Team68 Christmas!

Order by 1pm CST Wednesday, Dec. 19 to get your gear by Christmas! 🎁🎄
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2 months ago

Tucker Hibbert

My dad and I had the opportunity to get in front of the camera and talk about Superman Blair Morgan today. Some of the best battles I ever had were with Blair. He brought Snocross to a different level and pushed me to work harder, think faster and get creative on the track. I feel lucky that no matter how heated it got in a race, we were still friends. Pumped he’s back on the racetrack and ready to do battle again. ... See MoreSee Less


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Watching the two of you battle were the best days of snocross racing in my opinion.

Watching you and Blair battle it out was awesome to watch in person, both of you hit lines on the track that clearly made you stand out from the rest. 👍 big fan of 7C!

Those we're the best. Top 2 Snocross racers of all time HANDS DOWN

Remember the battle at the XGames in 2002!!! 😱💣

I miss watching you two race together

Blair and you are the reason why snowX is still around and thriving. You kept it alive when the snow was non existent in the mid west

When and where is he going to race , you won’t remember us but my wife raced pro women for 10 years Russ and jonnie ebert helped us so many times and Blair was so good to my kids you are all great people will never forget thanks

Loved watching you 2 race! I met you guys many years ago in Fargo & I’ll never forget that Snocross race! 😊

Those were some of the best battles ever watching you two race. We ran into Blair last weekend in Jackson at the race we missed seeing you rail Tucker .

Blair was Awesome to watch.He brought the stand up style of racing to snocross and changed everyone’s way of racing.Its good to see him at the Lake Geneva race,Always stop by him and shake his hand.👍

Knew Blair when he was racing for black magic from trf he did amazing things that brought snocross to what it is now...

Those were the days man, u guys were fun to watch 👍

Miss watching you race just not the same! Blair was amazing also!

Got to meet Blair at Haydays this year. Check another one off the bucket list.

It was fun watching you guys

Not sure of the year on this one but Amazing watch you two duke it out.

Blair’s back racing?

Those were definitely the defining moments of emerging snowcross racing and watching Tucker and Blair was over the top. Especially when you think of the machines back then vs now. I would love to see a video of those races from 2000 to 2018.

Saskatchewan steel love the man 👨

The autographed dent is awesome can't wait to hear the interview

Canadian motocross tho

Best racing pair ever....

Where can we watch the recording you're talking about?

I’ll never forget my old man getting pit passes for a snow cross race at Vernon Downs in Verona, NY...it was like 1999ish...I can remember meeting both Tucker and Blair just hangin out in their race trailers n being so nervous n star struck!!! I still have the autographed shirt and hat that all the guys on Team Arctic Cat signed for me!!!

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#TBT A look back to 2015. Going from last to first, @hibbert68 put on a classic performance and claimed his 100th c… t.co/UoqZCjq3VU

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Merry Christmas from the Hibberts 🎄

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Merry Christmas buddy!! t.co/qCYc6Qxq9M

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Last chance to get your gear before Christmas! #Team68 #IncredibleRideCollection 🎁 t.co/ZaArxDEn2p

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Make it a very merry #Team68 Christmas! Order by 1pm CST Wednesday, Dec. 19 to get your gear by Christmas! 🎁🎄… t.co/IuAEnmKl1H