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First Snow!

Tucker Measuring the First Snow! By John Sandberg

That’s right everyone, winter has arrived!  It snowed for the first time at my house in Northern Minnesota on Friday night.  That afternoon, I was riding moto and within a two hour span it went from sunny and warm to a snow storm!  We got somewhere between two and three inches.  It was snowing and blowing like crazy all night.  Saturday morning, I drove to the cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) and the roads were pure ice.  Winter came fast this year.  Hopefully everyone is getting excited to ride and are in their local dealerships checking out the new sleds and gear!

On Sunday morning, I snuck in a mountain bike ride with my friend John.  I rode a new trail in Eagan called Lebanon Hills and had a really good time.  Last night, Minneapolis got its first snow.  Here’s a picture of me measuring it this morning.  Exciting stuff!

Mandi JohnsonFirst Snow!