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Spring Creek Practice Update

Saturday, July 18 – Hey everyone, it’s Mandi with a practice update.  Tucker just finished his two practices for the day.  He said he felt “pretty good.”  His lap times in both practices were right around 20 place.  With the two practices combined, he ended up with the 21 fastest lap time.  That gives him 21 pick for both motos.  Like I said in my Red Bud update, he generally finishes ten positions higher in the motos.  That would put him close to the top-ten and his goal this weekend is to finish inside the top-ten.

Tucker did press day yesterday and signed autpgraphs at Fan Fest last night.  Press day a great opportunity to talk to the local and industry media and as a bonus he was able to ride the track for 20 minutes.  Fan Fest was a huge hit last night.  It’s a free event the evening before the Nationals.  He signed autogtaphs under the FMF tent and went through over 200 posters!  After he ran out of posters, he signed whatever fans would give him.  I think I even saw him sign a little girl’s Hannah Montana hat!  He had a great time seeing some familiar faces and visiting with his local fans.  Below are a couple photos from last night.

His first moto starts at 2 p.m.  Make sure to log on to to watch it live!

Fan Fest 1

Fan Fest 2

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