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Steve and Paul’s Scandinavian Adventure


Unfortunately, two of Monster Energy/Arctic Cat’s crewmembers will not be able to join us at the World Championship in Sweden. For undisclosed circumstances, both Steve Houle and Paul Engelstad were denied travel approval by Department of State. Perhaps it was due to Steve’s passion for firearms* and Paul’s application being stained with blood*. We may never know. The good news is, they will travel with us in the form of Legomen, which is almost as good as them being with us in person. So starts the beginning of an unforgettable journey  – “Steve and Paul’s Scandinavian Adventure.” Everywhere we go, they’ll be there with us…kind of. Stay posted to watch their adventure unfold!

*editor’s note: This is purely a joke. Both Steve and Paul have valid passports but were unable to join us. Steve is an avid hunter and every race weekend, Paul manages to cut his hands in the trailer. Enjoy.

Paul and Steve

Steve HeadshotPaul Headshot

Mandi JohnsonSteve and Paul’s Scandinavian Adventure