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Summer X Games 16


I just got back from my first-ever trip to ESPN Summer X Games. I’ve been at Winter X eleven years but my typical hectic summer racing schedule always got in the way of flying to LA for Summer X. I knew early this summer that I would be at Summer X but thought I was going to be competing not spectating. After my knee injury, I figured I better still go and check out the event.

Downtown LA is a totally different vibe than Aspen. I wasn’t too excited about being at the event since I wasn’t competeing and to be honest,  I’m not a big fan of California – I learned that after living there for a year. I knew it would still be a good idea to go so I could see Super X in person to be better prepared for next summer. ESPN lined me up with a couple interviews and asked me to be the medal presenter for Thursday’s events. Thursday night, I handed out the medals for Super X Men, Super X Women, Super X Adaptive, Moto X Freestyle and Skateboard Big Air. The highlight of the night was presenting fellow snocrosser Mike Schultz with the gold medal for Super X Adaptive. He’s such an inspiration and I’m so pumped about what he’s accomplished since his accident. Check out his story HERE.

At Winter X, all of the athletes compete at one venue so it makes it really easy to watch the other events, do interviews, etc. Summer X is spread out a little more but ESPN does a killer job organizing the venues to make it fan friendly. My favorite event to watch in person was Best Whip. Television doesn’t do this competion justice. It’s insane how those guys can throw their bike completely backwards and bring it back around. The BMX park competitions were up on my list too. It takes serious skill to handle a bicycle the way those guys do.

It was cool to see friends from the moto industry, since I haven’t been to a race since Steel City last year, and to run into a couple Winter X athletes. Monster Energy hooked us up with suite tickets for the events and passes for the party at the Fantasy Factory Friday night. That place is like a giant playground for big kids! I had my eye on the tennis ball gun but couldn’t figure out how to sneak up to the second level to shoot it.

Summer X is on my calendar for 2011 and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be invited to compete not spectate!

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