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The End of an Unforgettable Adventure


I apologize for taking a full week off from updating you! Saturday was a late night of celebrating after the big win and Sunday we spent all day riding in Storuman with the 2011 Arctic Cat Road Show. We were lucky enough to test the 2011 sleds in a foot of fresh powder and we had a blast. Mikael Yngvesson was our guide through absolutely breath taking trails in the mountains. He lead us to his parent’s cabin on the river where they had moose pittas cooking over a blazing fire for us! What a treat. We ate until we couldn’t move then hit the trail again. We got back to Mikael’s shop near dusk and said our goodbyes. It was the perfect way to end our stay in Sweden. We’ll never forget this experience and especially the people we met along the way. We are truly blessed.

Like I said before, Steve and Paul are celebrities in Sweden. They made friends with the local trolls and posed for pictures with fans all over the countryside. Mikael and Cici were most likely their biggest fans. Apparently, Legos are a hot commodity in Scandinavia because airport gift shops had them for sale. It was nice for Steve and Paul to hang out with people their own size.

Kirk and Rob took a flight back to the States Monday morning, while Tucker, Steve, Paul and I headed to Norway! My grandfathers are from Norway so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see my “homeland” since we were so close. We spent two days in Bergen. Monday we strolled around town checking out the architecture. Tuesday we took a guided tour of the fjords called “Norway in a Nutshell.” We were straight up tourists and loved every minute of it. We made it home to Minnesota late Wednesday night after a long day of flying.

Thank you to everyone we met on this journey. Working with such kind people is what make our jobs worth it. More people than we can count played a part in this Championship. It doesn’t help that we can’t pronounce or spell half of their names!  Here’s a small list – Yngvessons Maskin AB, Mikael Yngvesson and his entire family, Peter Sorderhall and KGK, Jan Flemstrom, Lars Bergkvist and the whole Monster Energy Sweden crew (SMX Drinks), Lars Johan Edh, Andre Nystrom, Pauline Hedstrom, Per Kristian Helling, Viktor Stenman, Lars Hansson and both of our amazing families. We can’t forget all of our sponsors who have stood behind us for so many years and our amazing crew – Kirk, Robby, Paul, Steve, Fred and Jeff. Everyone who works for Arctic Cat should be proud of the history-making podium sweep of the 2010 FIM Snowcross World Championship and know that their hard work played a part in that success! So when you’re working on the line in Thief River Falls, remember that what you’re doing stretches across many borders and touches people all over the world. Thank you for being a first class company!

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter!

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Mandi JohnsonThe End of an Unforgettable Adventure