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Tucker Wins – You Win C-TEC2 Oil!

Every Pro Open final Tucker wins this season, six people will win an autographed pouch of C-TEC2 Synthetic Oil. Sign up once and you are entered to win for the entire season – it’s that easy! Your odds are good – last season 128 people won free oil!

One of the newest and most advanced 2-stroke snowmobile oils in the industry, C-TEC2 was specifically-developed over a three-year period to meet the unique lubrication needs of the groundbreaking Arctic Cat 600 C-TEC2 engine. C-TEC2 has superior cold flow properties and offers the highest level of engine protection. While engineered for use in the C-TEC2 engine, C-TEC2 oil is up to meeting the challenge of racing as well as trail use in all Arctic Cat 2-stroke snowmobiles.

Click HERE to enter to win!

Mandi JohnsonTucker Wins – You Win C-TEC2 Oil!