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Sweden Day One


Team 68 successfully made it to Sweden! First stop – an Audi dealership to pick up our car for the week. Audi is a major sponsor of the event and was generous enough to lend us a vehicle to drive during our stay. Tucker was greeted at the dealership by a reporter and did his first interview of the week. We’re all surprised by the kindness of everyone we’ve met here so far. Even the flight attendants on our flight were nice! Sweden is absolutely stunning. We’re excited to be here and looking forward to sleeping in a bed tonight. It’s going to be a busy week!

Steve and Paul’s Scandinavian Adventure: Day One

Photo 1: Steve and Paul intently paying attention to the safety features of our SAS Airbus 330.

Photo 2: On our next flight from Stockholm to Skelleftea, the pilots heard that Steve was on the plane and asked him to dial in the correct jetting for the altitude we were cruising at. He gladly rode in the cockpit the rest of our flight.

Steve and Paul SafetySteve in cockpit

Mandi JohnsonSweden Day One