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Sweden Day Two


Today was our first full day in Sweden. After a full night’s sleep, the guys were ready to dig into the sled and Tucker was itching to ride. We spent the morning working on the sled and getting things organized for the race weekend. This afternoon, Tucker met with two Sweden Arctic Cat riders to ride at a local track. Riding and testing went well and Tucker feels comfortable with his sled set up.

Snowmobiling is very popular in Sweden. Everyone we’ve met rides which is really cool. They have a long snow season here (beginning of October to late April) and the terrain is beautiful. We were told that the majority of the land and mountains are “free range” so riding opportunities are endless. Today’s newspaper had a feature on Tucker and all of the snowmobile magazines have stories about Tucker racing the World Championship. They look great but too bad we can’t read them. Hopefully they say something nice! With the help of Google Translate, I believe the newspaper says, “Tucker Hibbert aims for gold.”

Steve and Paul had another eventful day. Steve was busy dialing in Tucker’s clutches before we went testing. Paul seemed a little distracted today. Apparently, he was daydreaming about dinner. Below is a picture of him with his moose steak.

Tucker Cover SwedenSteve ClutchesPaul Moose Steak

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